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Web Design

No money to hire a designer for your author website?

Want to DIY it but don’t know how?


Join my 5-Day Build Your Own Author Website Workshop!

In five days you will go from no author website to having a beautiful simple author website with a lead magnet and optin.

Don’t know what those are? I’ll walk you through every step of the way.

This isn’t like all those dumb challenges you find online. This is a real working session where we will go step-by-step to build a wordpress website.


Not “Techy?” No worries.

I got you covered. All my clients agree that one of my superpowers is making people feel comfortable with tech. I have patience and no question is dumb. We will get through it together. I promise.

I will tell you exactly where to point and click, recommend the best tools for you, and eliminate the confusion around what you need and what you don’t need. We will share screens, and you’ll learn all the things you need to learn to get through from A-Z

Day 1: We will dive right in. So roll up your sleeves. By the end of the day you will understand what a funnel is, the basics of setting up a wordpress site and will be on your way to getting your first email set up!

Day 2: We will Gather Your Tools! I will show you which tools you need and we will get those ready for Day 3! We will be using the  Divi Builder, IMHO the best, most customizeable, easiest to use builder I’ve found for wordpress sites.

Day 3: We will collect all the assets (That’s website fancy lingo for the pretty stuff!) and write your copy (Hello… ChatGPT and copywriting to the rescue.) And get down and dirty on the building!

Day 4: We will create your lead magnet. (Don’t know what this is? No worries, we’ll talk about it and make you a good one.

Day 5: We’ll make sure your “funnel” works. Again… no worries if you don’t know what that is.

Sound like a lot?

Phew! It IS… Be ready to feel like you’ve been drinking water from a firehose. But when you’re done, you’ll have your author site up and running!

The workshop dates and times are TBD. Click here to see if you qualify


Book Cover Design

What it’s like to work with me for cover design, web design, or any online tech projects you might have:
I work with my clients till they are happy with the results.
I believe a cover has two basic jobs:
1: To convey genre and tone
2: To get your reader to investigate further by reading the back-cover copy or blurb

I love working with indie authors and realize that most indies don’t have a ton of funds. I currently charge only $450 for photo-based covers and $650 for full illustration. I and can work with you on a payment plan if needed.
I have premade covers very reasonably priced.

When working with a designer or VA communication is key. We’ll get on a call, discuss your book’s needs, and go from there.

If you’d like to chat covers, please enter your contact info below, and I’ll get back to you. 🙂

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